Embracing Handmade Items

Have you ever considered handmade items are the non-food equivalent of organic food in today’s societies? Perhaps occasionally a little misshapen but as wholesome as it could be?

In the days of our great grandparents and earlier generations, most daily items from clothes, kitchen wares to furniture were expertly handcrafted to last a lifetime or two. Items that could no longer be used in its original design were often recycled for other purposes. Nothing much went to waste.
As society changes and mass-produced merchandise floods nearly every household, the art of producing items with one’s own hands have taken a back seat. Across the globe, a huge segment of people living in suburban and urban societies no longer able to sew a piece of clothing or produce a piece of furniture from raw woods.
While perhaps it is no longer necessary to know a thing or two about sewing your own dress or how to work the chisel, nevertheless the ability to produce goods from a pair of hands has a critical role in safeguarding our fragile environment for the future generation.

Putting aside the fact that each painstakingly handmade item is a unique creation to be cherished, a well-crafted item usually last for a long time. While it can’t be conclusively said a factory-produced version of similar item induces more carbon footprint, but we can envision perhaps a better utilization of natural resources otherwise could just go to waste, such as a fallen wood or an extra roll of fabric lying around.

As you would support your local individual organic farmers by patronizing the neighborhood organic market, embracing handmade items give a boost to your local artisans at the minimum. In the world of internet connection, the economic impact of embracing handcrafted items can be far more significant than buying perishable organic foods. With the aids of non-profit organizations, many improvised or sidelined communities around the globe are putting their handmade items online for sale. Your support could mean a meal on the table or the children can afford to go to school for these communities.
Embarking on a journey of making items on your own could be a mind stimulating hobby yet as restful as a yoga retreat. Sweet smelling homemade soaps or candles, artistic pottery or furniture, creative jewelry, colorful quilts, mesmerizing glass, tailoring, among others, are awaiting your discovery and mastery.