Oh Offal! But Waste Not

The ingenious people of America made full use of the buffalo and other game they hunted, from head to tail, nothing is not completely utilized. In today’s world, we purchase only the part we want and rarely give a second thought to the rest of the animal, especially the offal.

Offal of animal
Stomach, intestine and other offal parts of an animal.

Unless you are a hunter or living off the grid, there is probably very little chance that you need to somehow make full use of a whole animal.
Nevertheless, we can choose to consume other parts of a livestock that are mostly thrown away now in search of alternate food source.

Here are some examples that how we can minimize the waste.

Blood – Blood is the life source of the animal, it is iron and nutrient rich. Chucking it away is really a shame. Making blood pudding or blood soup is an ideal option. Don’t worry, the color changed to dark brown after cooking.

Bones, tendons, and cartilage – Rich in anti-aging collagen and other good stuff, they made excellent soup stocks and it is so easy to make. Chopped up a little if the piece is too big, put in a big pot, throw in some herbs with some seasoning of your choice, fill up with water, boiled away and simmer a little. Voila, you have your homemade bone stocks that can last for a while. In East Asia, chicken feet are considered delicacies and consumed in a variety of ways.

Offal – Scottish haggis made full use of an animal offal and then some more. Haggis may be a little off-putting at sight, it is tasty with a desirable nutty flavor. If you have had a bad experience with the kidney, liver or other offal parts, perhaps it was not prepared to your liking. I often find oriental restaurants have mastered the use of offal in their culinary as they have a long history of taking them.

Due to the social environment and upbringing, all of us are guilty of shunning certain things without ever trying it first. Once we are proven wrong or overcome the mental block, we may actually enjoy it. Consider this, all the body parts listed above are considered delicacies in some cultures.


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